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About John C. Evans

Book & Spade founder, John C. Evans is a student of medieval literature, amateur political analyst, lifelong poet, folk musician, and devout defender of the Christian faith. He has published over four volumes of prose and poetry. He has been a prolific advocate for the visually impaired. He has been at many conferences exploring the strong ties between philosophy and religion, and has contributed to research dedicated to the writings of both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. 

After losing his vision at an early age, John persevered. He first entered the academic stage with Doctor Cory Olseson in the Silmarillion Seminar at the age of seventeen. From there, he was one of the earliest contributors to Legendarium Media, wrote extensively for Oloris Publishing, and performed his poetry live while facing his own health challenges. 

In 2015, upon learning his prognosis had been misdiagnosed, and after recovering from an extensive surgery to remove a brain tumor, John completed his undergraduate studies at Manhattan College, ultimately becoming valedictorian of the 2017 class. 

John is presently attending Fordham University's graduate program to achieve his doctorate in the literature of the Middle Ages and in Arthurian Romance. He has often been compared to a modern medieval scholastic, synthesizing various philosophical viewpoints to arrive at a greater understanding of spiritual truth. But his interests have expanded to include the writing of T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Jack Kerouac, and Jim Morrison. 

John looks forward to continuing to share content that is accessible for not only an academic audience, but for all people actively seeking the truth in their lives. 

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