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Here you can find current events articles and content highlighting Book & Spade's founder, John Evans. You can also find other updates relating to the work produced by Evans.

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John Evans on EWTN's Life On The Rock

Fr. Mark interviews John Evans, to discuss his life as an author, poet, and scholar, and how his devotion to Blessed Fr. Solanus Casey has affected his life.


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Sight & Vision

An autobiographical work by John C. Evans illustrating the pilgrimage of grace he endured upon losing his eyesight as a child, his brain surgery during his undergrad years, and the physical and spiritual recovery that followed.

Written in lines of poetry and prayer, broken up into cantos, this work is the first descibing the events of John's life.

Book & Spade on YouTube

John Evans, student of theology and history, discusses with Brother Roger DeGuire of Sacred Heart Parish in Yonkers, New York, the history of life and times of a miraculous man, Father Solanus Casey. Thanks to Sacred Heart Parish for allowing us access to film the reliquary.

" The Cradled God "

Evans' latest publication. In his own words, "This book is for all those who are heavy laden and desire rest. It is for the broken-hearted and for the lost. These pages have been crafted in reverence for a cradled God who was born among us for our redemption, and these pages have been penned in gratitude for His death upon a cross. For though our fathers bled Him dry and crowned His hallowed head in thorns, He has risen from His tomb and made the nations our inheritance. If you, my brother or sister, wish to arise from your distress, read on and know that you are loved. For with God, all things are possible. With love, all dreams can come to pass."

Our Latest Video


Inside the Confessions - The Life of Saint Augustine

In this Episode of Book & Spade, John C. Evans, student of theology explores the life and times of one of the churches most prolific, beloved, and controversial saints, Augustine of Hippo. Considered the Doctor of Grace, Augustine’s writings on faith, predestination, and refutation of heretical doctrines have made him one of the most pivotal players in salvation history and in the world.

Evans presents Augustine’s struggles with scripture, his battles with concupiscence, and urges us to reflect on how we can relate to this great saint.


The Stigmatist -
The Life of Saint Padre Pio

John Evans, student of theology and history, discusses with Brother Roger DeGuire of Sacred Heart Parish in Yonkers, New York miraculous life of St. Padre Pio. Thanks to Sacred Heart Parish for allowing us access to film the reliquary.

The Noah's Ark Debate -
Re-evaluating the Eyewitnesses

In this video, John Evans, student of theology, presents the eye-witness testimony of those who have claimed to see the elusive arc of Noah. Evans challenges and explore these claims in hopes of arriving at a possible explanation—was there a historical arc, and has it survived to the present day?

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