Prayer to the Most Precious Blood and Our Lady’s Tears

In Penitence

Oh blood and water that has sprinkled,
The foot of calvary,
Anoint my soul, mind, and body,
In your serenity.

Remove, by means of immersion,
In Our Lady’s tears,
The temporal punishments for transgression,
And the burden of these years.

For I confess I am a sinner,
In need of Christ’s eternal grace,
That I have staggered in the running,
Of this most desperate race.

But bathe me in your healing unction,
And your mercy I shall see,
That by the precious blood of Jesus,
I may walk free.

May Easter be my promise.
May Jerusalem resound,
That such a wretch as I, has been forgiven,
That the lost has finally been found.

Rejoice Oh You Jerusalem,
Rejoice you who sit in shame.
For by the precious blood of Jesus,
You have been granted a new name.

Oh wash away my inequity,
Come cleanse me of my wrongs.
I shall kneel in praise, Oh Zion.
I shall sing in gladness your blessed songs.