The Throne

A throne of white, a throne of silver,
Rises before seven steps, like polished brass and crystal,
And to the right hand of the throne, quiet pastures bloom,
And the narrow gate, the gate of thorns and the blood of martyrs new.
To the left hand rests a broad and paved road,
And that kingdom of darkness and of tears without peace.

Many are those who go therein,
And though my ears refuse to hear the cry, the cry of the damned,
The mystics have reported of their fire,
And have spoken of their curse.

Lord, You have shown me this,
And I share it with Your children in order that they might believe,
And turn from their distractions in the world, which are as sickness ,
To those who have fallen asleep upon the ramparts and the walls.
Oh wake me Jesus, wake me from my sins.

Let me not fall back into rage or into sloth or into pride.
And when I am doubtful, and when I wound Your Sacred Heart with my doubts,
Deliver me Lord, from the wolf and from the snarling hound.

Oh let me kneel before the Lamb.
Oh let me sing His praises and plead His salvation for my soul.
Great are You, Jesus, my God and my refuge.
Great are You, in the hour of my need.

Behold Oh beloved, my king and hallowed healer,
I offer to You my tears and toils, my joys and wonders as an offering.
For You are merciful to the contrite of heart,
And You are meek and gentle to the man who does not fail to proclaim Your name.

Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus, I confess my many sins,
And long to reside under the shelter of Your embrace.
I leave the scorpions of sloth and of doubt most cruel,
And with a trusting smile, submit all things to You,
Placing every fear under the shadow of Your feet,
Until I am bathed right-through with Your grace and confidence,
Until I am loosed from the bonds of weariness, dread, and shame.

At last, triumph is my banner.
At last, I have been crowned with Your hallowed seal.
I shall depart from my inequities,
And in the hour of my staggering,
on You and Your wisdom I shall learn to lean,
Which is love and clemency itself.